trip advisor

In planning this European trip I have benefitted from the collective wisdom and experience of many, many people who have gone before me. Several websites, and their corresponding apps, have pointed me in the right direction and helped immensely in my decision making.

Firstly, Trip Advisor has been crucial in finding and selecting accommodation. The website lists most of the hotels and B&Bs in an area with reviews from people who have previously stayed there. It also provides a link, more often than not, to other websites showing each hotel’s rates and availability. Using this app, it was relatively simple to ascertain which hotels passed muster. Generally speaking, I would read the “Terrible” and “Poor” reviews to discover what people didn’t like about a hotel and it’s staff. In so doing, I was able to quickly eliminate potential problem hotels.

What’s more, these websites often displayed images captured not only by the hotel but also previous guests. The old adage “a picture’s worth a thousand words” was particularly relevant in this situation. I was astonished at the number of hotels that used very poor images. They certainly don’t do themselves any favours.