auto europe

There are several options to consider when travelling through Europe. Whilst flights are a must between Europe and Australia, I believe it’s much more enjoyable to get around and see the countryside using either a car or the trains, or in our case, both.

Our intention was to use a car for the entire trip but that proved to be harder to arrange than I had first anticipated.

During the colder months (November to April), several countries (including Austria) make it mandatory that your car is fitted with winter tyres. Yet we were unable to obtain a car from Italy with winter tyres.

Initially, I tried to lease a car through driveaway, a local company representing Peugeot. And I would do so again if it wasn’t for the winter restrictions. However, when that wasn’t possible I decided to hire a car for our time in Tuscany, as we travel from Rome to Venice, and then again for a portion of our time in France.

The most helpful website I found was auto europe. The various makes & models and the cost of hire was easy to calculate and the staff were very helpful and accommodating with any changes I needed to make.

This will allow us the flexibility to get “off the beaten track” and experience parts of Italy and France that are more than just the “big city” tourist destinations.

I’m looking forward to the open road!