It’s an easy thing to spend money when travelling overseas but it usually helps if you have the right currency. I have always been reluctant to carry too much cash with me and I find travellers cheques are not accepted by many merchants. Credit and debit cards are another option but I’m not at all impressed by the charges levied on transactions using these cards so they act as a last resort for me.

So when I recently heard about pre-paid cards issued by both MasterCard and Visa that act a bit like a debit card I was keenly interested. The ANZ Travel Card I purchased cost just A$11 with no fee for “loading” a range of foreign currencies onto it. In my case I only needed HK dollars and Eurodollars.

The great thing is there are no additional transaction fees when making a purchase. However, there is a small ATM charge when withdrawing cash. What’s more, additional “top-ups” cost 1.1% which are conveniently done over the internet using B-Pay although they say there could be a delay of a few days before the travel card is credited.

Happy spending!



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