Roma – here at last! The airport is not as modern as some but it’s still easy to find our way to immigration. There we encounter a long, long line made up largely of Africans entering the country too so its a lengthy wait. This is where a European passport would really come in handy as the immigration line for EU nationals is very, very short.

Grabbing our luggage we emerge from the airport and find our driver who takes us straight to the hotel. It’s briskly cool outside but not too cold with the sun rising as we wrestle with the morning peak-hour traffic. Driving in Italy appears to happen at a break-neck pace with the use of an indicator for changing lanes entirely optional.

First impressions are of vespa’s weaving through the traffic and their “toots”, not out of anger or frustration but rather the exchange of friendly warnings to strangers, much like one would say “mind your step”.



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