La Carbonara

I have fallen in love again! After a few poor experiences eating out in Rome, we stumbled across an exceptional restaurant in one of the side streets, Via Panisperna off Via Milano which is near the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

Most of the small trattorias we pass seem pretty much the same from the outside and their menus all boast the standard fare of pizza & pasta. Not very inspiring after a while. It’s like they’re geared up just for the tourist trade and no self-respecting Italian would be seen dead in one of them.

But when we stepped into La Carbonara I immediately knew there was something special about this place. The fact that they asked if we had a reservation was the first clue. But they didn’t come across as some over-priced, up-market, trendy establishment. The fact that they’ve been around over one hundred years is testament enough.

A little rustic in appearance, there are countless bottles of wine sitting on shelves and hand-written messages scrawled on the walls from passing tourists lucky enough to have been similarly blessed.


Although we hadn’t booked they managed to accommodate us. Interestingly, very little English was spoken but a couple of the waiters spoke enough for us to get by. Yet the menus were only in Italian. Actually, I think we were the only foreign diners. How cool!

Taking up the challenge, we fumbled our way through the menu selecting spaghetti “sciue sciue” (with cherry tomatoes and olive oil), gnocchi il giovedi cacio e pepe and ravioli ricotta e spinaci.

What’s more, the sommelier recommended a couple of delicious wines.

And oh, how good it all was. The flavours were out of this world! What’s more, it was all for the amazing price of €55 between four of us.

If only we had found this place sooner. I suppose we should be grateful we discovered it at all. Thank you God!



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