Roma to Chianti

Driving a car in Italy is quite a challenge. Use of the actual lanes is all but ignored as they never really commit to one lane or the other.

I have heard that Italians have the highest incidence of car accidents in Europe and it wouldn’t surprise me. Rather than stop for pedestrians they seem to consider people who use the road as obstacles to maneuver around. They also love speed and observing speed limits appears to be completely ignored.

The autostrade is where things get really interesting as the top speed is 130kph. Trucks are supposed to stay to the left and for the most part they do but every now and again they decide to pull-out doing only 90kph whilst you’re barrelling along at 130kph.

The trip from Roma to Gaiole in Chianti should be a quick 2-hour drive but with the sun setting sooner than we expect and only a rough idea of where we are headed, the prospect of finding Cavarchino B&B some time soon does not look promising.



please let me know your thoughts

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