AD Place Venice

I love everything about this place!

AD Place Venice is a charmingly inviting hotel and clearly sets itself apart from the crowd. From the moment you step inside the front door you feel the relaxed sophistication beckoning you to enjoy the Venetian atmosphere and experience.

The foyer is festooned with candles and colourfully patterned drapes. A large vase of apples, perhaps real, perhaps not, rests upon the counter below an elaborate red chandelier hanging from the ceiling. An attentive and friendly receptionist efficiently checks us in explaining the various house-keeping matters and provides our all important complementary WiFi logins and passwords.


Our rooms, Novembre and Dicembre, transport us to an almost make-believe world, fantastic in it’s creation and imagination.

The anteroom has an exercise bike for the super-keen juxtaposed with a soft sofa able to provide some respite from the day’s travels, a comfortable spot to recline and drink in the surroundings.

On one table an oversized silver tea pot stands ready to boil on command. On another, chocolates sit enticingly in a bowl. And the spot-lights on the wall turn the whole place into a theatre stage.



In the bedroom a four-post bed is draped with sheer fabrics surrounded by walls that are striped in a silver and black fabric. There is even a large silver candelabra sitting in one corner with fresh candles prepared to add some romance. And the TV is viewed whilst lying in bed.



The ultra-modern bathroom, painted in a wash of golden orange, is pleasantly scented. Fresh, clean towels hang from the heated towel rack.

Breakfast is a feast but with a few twists. The coffee cups are groovy, quite Dali-esque in their moulded shape fitting neatly in your hand. The lighting is quirky, each fitting different from it’s neighbour. The cutlery is funky. And the fruit is served in very cute, individual, small preserve jars.

The range of food is broad, not unlike the spread at Cavarchino B&B which was fantastic.




One thought on “AD Place Venice

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your stay with us! until next time, a big thank you from all of us at AD Place 🙂
    Beatrice (the “attentive and friendly receptionist”)

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