Venezia, otherwise known as Venice, is like nothing else on earth. A city made up of islands, we step back in time, several centuries in fact, into another world quite removed from our own.



To get to our hotel we have to use the canal so for expediency we hire a water taxi that charges an exorbitant price for the privilege, €60 for the four of us. Next time we will use a ferry that, whilst it won’t deliver us to or collect us from our hotel door step, should prove more than adequate.



Sunset is fast approaching and we only have two nights in Venice so we are keen to see the city. We drop our bags at our hotel, AD Place Venice, and grab a map. It’s easy to get lost as we quickly discover, with narrow lane ways that act like a maze. We are forewarned to avoid the restaurants that are “tourist-traps” so we essentially ignore any with English menus.


But we are easily distracted by the many shops displaying Venetian wares. The two types that stand out the most either sell the world-renowned Murano glass or the masks synonymous with the annual carnivale in February. One shop in particular stands out as having an especially stunning range of masks, Sole Luna.


Pulling ourselves away from the merchants we continue “losing” ourselves in the open-air markets and crossing tiny bridges over the canals. We eventually stumble upon an honest looking Cicchetteria Veneziana called Al Vecio Marangon.




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