There mustn’t be much to do for excitement in Strobl after dark as their idea of a fun night out is a game of skittles, not to be confused with the rainbow-coloured confectionery.

Mind you, the bowling alley is in a pub making things pretty darn interesting after the competitors have tossed back a few of the local Maisel’s Weisse brews, especially since the 500ml beer glasses are shaped so curvaceously!


Adorning the walls of the dual-lane alley are Jurassic pot-plants together with photographs of the “local heroes”; teams that have accomplished the dream achievement of thrashing the cave-man opposition from the next town at this Flintstone-like sport.


With hi-tech chalk scoreboards and string attached to each pin, it helps if you’re missing a finger as the bowling balls only have two holes rather than the typical 3-holed ten-pin bowling balls.

But seriously, it really is a hoot and definitely worth a try. In fact, it’s fun for all the family!



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