Salzburg to Zürich

The first class carriages are towards the middle and although we get on the wrong one the same numbered seats are not reserved on the sparsely populated train so we are fine to stay.

The train itself is significantly more modern than the one from Villach. Our roomy leather seats are not in separate compartments but configured a little like the business class section of a plane.

The menu is quite comprehensive but we are better prepared having grabbed a few things from the supermarket before departing Salzburg.

Our journey is primarily through rural countryside, commencing with open, green farmland flanked by powerful snow-tipped alps on either side but soon the ground is blanketed in a thin layer of snow.

There are several stops along the way including the Austrian city of Innsbruck.

We then climb the mountains, through long, dark tunnels and across bridges spanning cavernous valleys, the tall, cross-tipped steeples in the lonely towns standing proud in the distance.

The snow is deeper here with the boughs of evergreens hanging heavy with snow.

But there are also deciduous trees starkly motionless like a frosted skeletal army standing to attention.

Finally, an hour or so before our destination, we traverse alongside an enormous lake nestled between towering walls of yellow & grey rock, tranquil in its calm solitude yet majestic in its awesome splendour.

Travelling at an average speed of 100kph the relatively smooth journey takes a comfortable 5 1/4 hours.



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