Off the train and onto another. The Zürich S-Bahn is incredibly easy to use, finely tuned like a precision Swiss watch.

Our hotel is only a couple of stops away and costs less than €10 for the four of us to get there. We later learn that we can purchase a 24-hour ticket for travel around the city zone for about €20. Pity we didn’t know that before we bought the first ticket!

Anyway, we place our bags in the rooms and head back into town as dinner time draws near and we want to see some of the city beforehand.

Alighting at the main train station, Hauptbahnhof (HB) and heading south on Bahnhofstrasse we are greeted by a multitude of lights twinkling like diamonds in the sky.


The shopping precinct here has very few cars although trams do occasionally trundle by. Yet for the most part it’s people enjoying the post-Christmas sales and the atmosphere of street vendors, some roasting chestnuts & peanuts whilst others are selling everything from nougat & chocolate, teas & toys, jewellery, scarves and more jewellery.


The decidedly upmarket stores are great for window shopping but we keep walking until we find the lake.

Reflecting off the water are the neon lights of a circus with swans paddling towards us looking for a free feed.


We cross a bridge into the old town only to discover more shops but this time we are keen to peruse their wares.


Oliviers&Co is a big hit, as is a shop that makes cakes from candy. But our favourite is change maker with lots of cool gifts we simply adore.



Then it’s time to find somewhere to eat. Keen to try something traditional, we choose a place called Swiss Chuchi.

Satisfied that the night is a success we return to the hotel eager to experience Zürich again.



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