We cross under the Oerlikon train station through the tunnel and emerge to find the swissötel Zürich towering high above us. Apparently it’s the tallest building in Zürich and we’re lucky enough to score rooms on the 28th floor. In fact, we have this awesome adjoining room where the kids have their own bedroom, TV, iPod docking station, bathroom etc. They have a separate entrance and keycard so we can close the door between the two rooms and have peaceful bliss for a time.

Our view is expansive although the area is relatively industrial compared with the beauty of the town and we are above a train station but as we are only minutes from the centre of Zürich there is really no need to get a room any closer.


One drawback is that breakfast is not included and like all things Swiss, it’s quite expensive. Wi-Fi is also an optional extra but we discover that in town you can obtain a free Wi-Fi connection from either the Apple store or the nearby department store Manor, both located on Bahnhofstrasse.

Although the kids each have a single bed we share a double which is OK but we would prefer a queen-sized mattress as it’s not as firm as some we have experienced thus disturbing the other partner at times.

On the positive side, the service is excellent with very friendly, helpful staff. We have a bar fridge, a room safe and our own TV together with plenty of space for clothes. The room is anything but pokey. And on the top floor there is also a fully-equipped gym plus spa & infinity pool with terrific views towards the city.

This is yet another hotel I would highly recommend and look forward to staying at again!



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