Zürich to Paris

The first class section is quite full yet despite being allocated seats apart from one another we manage to swap with someone else and remedy the situation.

On these TGV trains it is necessary to have a reservation but surprisingly it’s not as modern nor as comfortable as the train from Salzburg to Zürich.

Disappointingly, the power points are not working so we are unable to recharge our iPhones and iPods, nor is the advertised Wi-Fi operating anywhere but the restaurant section and only then we are warned it’s a 50/50 proposition.

We are served a meal much like a plane flight although this was unexpected so we have already eaten per-purchased food from the local Coop supermarket.

I still feel the need to sample the food: foie gras et pain d’epices, roti de boeuf et pommes de terre curry-gingembre and fondant chocolat-poire. Not half bad but it always sounds better than it tastes when spoken in French.

The country side is a mix of rural and suburban, not mountainous like the last train trip but much flatter and greener.

There are countless wooded areas and a scattering of towering wind turbines but as we approach the outskirts of Paris the land becomes more industrial.

We arrive in Paris at Gare de Lyon a little later than scheduled in spite of the train reaching advertised high speeds of up to 320kph.



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