A must-have app on this trip has been Snapseed made by Nik Software. It has been very easy to process images captured by my new camera using both the iPad and even the iPhone.

My preferred adjustments, for those who care about such technical details, are to use the TUNE IMAGE button to change BRIGHTNESS, AMBIENCE, CONTRAST, SATURATION and WHITE BALANCE. Each adjustment is minor, sometimes only +5, but it helps what is already a fairly good capture look just that much better. However, AMBIENCE often needs +20 or more to bring out the details in the shadows.

STRAIGHTEN and CROP are then applied with a preference for the 16:9 format where possible but this is not always possible or desirable. Often a wide panoramic looks infinitely better. Otherwise the standard 3:2 is acceptable.

DRAMA is next but it’s use is tempered: FILTER is a half, a third or even a quarter of SATURATION. It is great for realizing the detail in the sky but can easily look overdone.

The TILT & SHIFT button has been a favourite and although I’m not a big fan of images made to look artificial, this is one modification that seemed appropriate as the trip has been somewhat surreal and dream-like. If the effect looks too strong I will reduce the CONTRAST to +15 or +20.

The final change is to add a FRAME, to me an important way to finish off the image to make it look complete. My preference is to select the STYLE : FRAME 2 and click through PROPERTIES until I find one that has a fairly narrow, black line with minimal effect.

If the image looks better in BLACK & WHITE then it’s often done at this point, with a BRIGHTNESS usually between +25 and +50 and a GRAIN of +10 to +20.

DRAMA may be applied a second time to the b&w but it’s again tempered at +50 and is sometimes not used at all.

An example of before and after is displayed below:





please let me know your thoughts

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