New Years Eve

We are fortunate enough to be with friends on New Years Eve. As exciting as fireworks can be they don’t enter into the equation this year. Instead we are graciously invited to dinner with Philippe and Helene at their home. The head count is 18 children and 9 adults all up.

Whilst the kids dance the night away, ironically to songs in English, the grown-ups eat a wonderfully prepared meal starting with hors d’oeuvres and a soup of coconut milk and capsicum, followed by an entrée of salmon and mango, then a main course of canard with sweet potato, carrots and orange mash, and finishing up with fromage and desserts of trifle and fruit salad.

To drink: Champagne, of course, but also Burgundy, both blanc and rouge.

It was interesting and challenging to sit and hear the table conversation in French and try to decipher what was being said yet English was often kindly spoken for our benefit.

A long but very enjoyable night, we hit the mattress sometime after 3am.

Bonne Année. Kim*


2 thoughts on “New Years Eve

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  2. Bonne Annee Kim!! Lovely shots & glad to see you are enjoying Paris – where to next? Let me know if you are heading down my way…

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