Café Med

A restaurant located on rue de Saint Louis near Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris that is frequented by locals rather than tourists.

Typically French, not too fancy but English is spoken and they’re friendly in that reserved French way.

We sit down to an entrée of tomates mozzarella avec huile d’olive et basilic, soupe maison aux légumes frais, and assiette de saumon fumé avec toasts chauds followed by a plat of sauté de poulet au curry et au lait de coco, confit de canard doré au thym et pommes sautées and tagliatelles fraîches au saumon.

We finish with a dessert of crêpe st-louis: chocolat, amandes et chantilly and coupe de glaces.

The final bill of €65 is very reasonable for what is an excellent meal and considering many other, albeit fancier, restaurants in the area were charging €40 pp.



please let me know your thoughts

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