Tom Tom

We originally planned to spend our last few days in the south of France, starting at Bordeaux and working our way at a leisurely pace across to Aix en Provence. But after some sound advice from our good friends in Paris, we elected to head directly to Provence.

Mind you, although out train trip provided us with a beautifully scenic experience of the region, we would have been better off disembarking at Avignon rather than going the whole way to Marseille as it was much closer to Le Moulin Vieux.

Collecting our car from Avis was pretty straight-forward but I had managed to lose the address of where we were staying so having a Tom Tom this time around wasn’t bearing any fruit whatsoever.

However, we eventually managed to connect to the Internet and retrieve the address and thus we were on our merry little way. Or not?!

Marseille, the second largest city in France, was a traffic nightmare! Our friendly Tom Tom was as confused as we were because of the road works going on in the centre of town and had us literally driving in circles during peak-hour. And being programmed with the dulcet tones of an English-speaking female we nicknamed Talulah didn’t seem to help. Odd. In the end we wisely ignored her altogether and followed the signs until we reached the motorway.

Apart from this frustrating episode she did perform admirably. Physical maps have their merits but she made life much, much easier. At least most of the time as, admittedly, she wasn’t perfect. Yet we forgave her occasional mistakes, choosing to mute her pleas to have us “turn around” when she thought we were in the middle of a paddock and instead trusted our own instincts.

Despite this, I wouldn’t hesitate to have some sort of GPS navigation system with a car overseas as it was a genuine lifesaver.



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