Touchdown at last!

The night flight from Sydney to Narita, Tokyo was smooth and uneventful.

The food was good and fortunately the flight was far from full so I had a couple of seats to myself to stretch out my legs. I even managed to get about 5 hours of sleep on the 10-hour flight.

My first impressions of Tokyo are:

Clean. Orderly.

Vending machines. Smoking booths.

Polite. Respectful.

Cars and trucks and buses on the LHS of the road.

Surgical face masks. White gloves.

Police and security.

Quiet, empty roads. Toll booths.

Baseball field. Rice paddies.

Western-style numerals.

Rural becomes industrial.

Very tall high-rise apartment buildings.

River. Bridges. Canals.

City peak-hour busy but moving freely.

External fire escapes.

Metro. Railways.

Crowded living. Tightly packed.

All-in-all it feels a lot less chaotic than initially anticipated. I think I’m going to enjoy it here!



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