The Tipplers Arms

A small pub in Azabu-jūban specialising in UK ales (eg Guinness, Bishops Finger, Fuller’s) and similar foreign bīru (beer) and wain (wine).


For entertainment tonight they had the MotoGP screening on one TV whilst a World Cup qualifier between Japan & Oman was being televised to a small yet passionate crowd of Japanese and foreign fans alike on the big screen.

15/20 food (taste) : their stew is amazing – it’s enough to make me a regular

10/20 food (selection) : not sure of the options but I did see someone eating nachos

14/20 staff : not surprisingly they speak excellent English and know how to look after their patrons

15/20 atmosphere : excellent

13/20 price : ¥1000 or more isn’t cheap for a beer but admittedly it is imported and tastes great

67/100 : I expect I’ll be back many times

Catering to the ex-pat community in nearby Roppongi, this place is a real gem.



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