vending machines

They are everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Main roads. Side streets. Back alleyways.

Squeezed between shops and restaurants.

Under freeways. On bridges. In front of apartments. Behind car parks.

It’s hard to escape them.

And as you can see (below), they seem to stock quite an assortment of goodies.





Soft drinks. Cigarettes. Ice Tea. Milk Tea. Water.

Perhaps an alcoholic beverage just for kicks. But don’t quote me on that.

Someone told me you can even buy coffee in a can. Hot!

Interestingly, I haven’t noticed the usual collection of snacks such as chips, chocolate & candy that I’m accustomed to back home.




2 thoughts on “vending machines

  1. I definitely remember buying hot & cold coffee & tea from vending machines – and of course beer & sake after hours 😉 I believe you can get almost anything including such ‘PG’ items as books & manga & magazines…

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