Omotesando Koffee | 1

As I continue my search for real coffee in Tokyo I decide to consult the fountain-of-all-wisdom: other blogs.

When I google “best coffee Tokyo Harajuku” I come across a helpful and insightful post by a fellow Australian.


Amongst other things they talk about an excellent yet unusual coffee shop tucked away in the back streets of the Harajuku-Jingumae-Omotesandō triangle.

This is a smallish area that combines low-rise apartments with boutique shops.

Fortunately, technology and the Internet are wonderful things. Without them I would have never learned about nor actually found this place.

Utilising GPS and someone’s Flickr photo I finally manage to find it.

Opposite a vacant lot filled with a sea of tall grass is a facade that’s very unassuming. So much so that I walked past it twice!



Ordering a “cappucino doppito” and a small cube of baked custard, I sit on a wooden bench in the small pebble courtyard beside a Japanese maple and a flowering hydrangea contemplating my good fortune.


Admittedly, the rain is gently sprinkling and I have to shoo away the odd, over-sized mosquito but this does nothing to deter my enthusiasm.

My coffee is brilliant! Finally, I’ve found somewhere and someone that knows what they’re doing.

Returning inside for a second dose I admire the Japanese attention to detail and their penchant for decorating shop interiors. A small alcove in front of a tiny bonsai tree houses a collection of items for sale:

1. Porlex | ceramic “koffee mill mini”
2. Kone stainless steel Koffee filter
3. “Koffee mame” | blend of coffee beans
4. A “cup of koffee” | a square made from ground coffee beans



In a larger alcove hangs a light fixture with latte coloured paper clipped to the light shade like an ArtExpress installation. Drawings. Sentences in a multitude of languages. It’s quirky yet arty.


Softly playing in the background is a jazz rajio (radio) station.

All adds to the atmosphere making this a real treasure.

Yet sadly they’re not doing a roaring trade despite the fact that they deserve to be overflowing with coffee aficionados.

In the blog that directed me here I read that they’re picking up and moving in August 2012 but when I ask they seem to indicate (in broken English) that they’re opening another store in Kyoto in September rather than closing this one. If so then that city too will be equally blessed.
Mon – Sun : 10am – 7pm



7 thoughts on “Omotesando Koffee | 1

  1. Wow!! the shop looks amazing!!! I love the Japanese attention to detail! so inspiring and beautiful !!!!!

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