Super 5

Another little gem in Omotesandō above a hair salon is the restaurant Super 5.

There’s a large fork at the entrance and on a wall inside so it’s pretty easy to find.


An infusion of international cuisines with a French emphasis, the set-price lunch menu is hard to pass up.

I ask the waiter for his susumeru (recommendation) and we agree upon the chicken curry served with rice and zucchini.

A glass of mizu (water) arrives without asking and it’s likewise refilled promptly when necessary.

The salad of lettuce sprinkled with parmesan cheese is simple but tasty.

The consommé is a small cup of French onion soup with tiny mushrooms but serves to whet the appetite and remove my hunger pains.

The curry has a kick to it but is really delicious. A nice balance of flavours and spices. It has me sweating but it’s worth it. I was warned.

The wall has a fascinating mural by Seitaku ‘Tak’ Aoyama. A brightly coloured, stylized depiction of a rooster (representing the restaurant’s French influence) and different elements of the food-chain (from the mountains to the sea) and the people of Japan.


Above the bar hang large stainless steel serving spoons and forks. Omoshiroi (interesting).

The music pumping is straight from the “Top 40” list but without the ads. Young. Hip. American.

Nicki Minaj. One Direction. Coldplay.

Given that the diners at the other tables are 20-something PYTs (pretty-young-things) makes it perfect for their lunchtime clientele even if it’s not what I would play in a restaurant. Jazz or classical would be so much better for the digestion.

14/20 food (taste) : very good

13/20 food (selection) : pretty good choice of several different meals

15/20 staff : English not excellent but adequate and service good too; apparently lunch is served from 11am – 5pm which is a nice bonus

12/20 atmosphere : comfortably air-conditioned; seating for 32 with some at the bar

13/20 price : my set-price menu was ¥1300 but there were some for ¥1000 so good but not fantastic compared to similar restaurants

67/100 total : more than makes the grade

It’s certainly good enough that I would return but I think I’ll keep wandering too.



2 thoughts on “Super 5

  1. Love seeing the photos, are all the japanese carrying cameras like you?

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