Keika Ku-Mamoto Rāmen

Amidst the bustling back-streets of Shinjuku is a lunch venue worth writing home about.

Competing like so many other restaurants with colourful signs shouting loudly in kanji, hiragana & katakana but rarely rōmaji.


It can be complicated knowing who sells what yet many include a menu with shashin (photographs) making the task a little bit easier.

Order on your way in from a machine that provides a ticket you then hand to the waitress.


It certainly makes the process of handling money easy but it can be confusing for a first-time gaikoku jin (foreigner).

An iced-tea is provided and the rāmen plated fresh.

I choose the chāshū-men (rāmen with sliced pork).

It comes in a huge bowl filled with noodles, some vegetables, half a small egg and several slices of pork.

The flavour is wonderful. Rich and hearty. Salty yet not over-powering. Very filling.

I’ve heard that the done thing in Japan is to slurp the broth when drinking it and I must say it’s a lot of fun doing so.

A range of rāmen dishes are available starting from ¥500 with all under ¥1000.




please let me know your thoughts

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