Sony Building

During my first brief reconnaissance of Ginza I pop into the Sony Building.

Heading straight to the top floor I discover a room designed as an intimate cinema for about 150 people. On this occasion it’s not even 1/4 full.

The seats are leather benches. Comfortable enough for the hour or so show on offer.

There’s no popcorn or frozen Coke. This is supposed to show off the latest and greatest Sony technology.

On the big Sony TV screen (approximately 6m corner to corner) is a Japanese boy-band called SPYAIR. The five members are playing their young little hearts out: drums, bass guitar, keyboard, lead guitar, and a lead singer.

Good looking bunch although the guy on keyboard has some odd, blond mohawk thing happening.

As a group they’re excellent! A powerful rock sound that reproduces really well with awesome sound and picture quality. Quite an experience, even though I can’t understand a word they’re singing.

And the cinematography is top-notch.

The song list that I listen to includes:

Some Like it Hot!
Moving’ On
My World

The last is from the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman movie.

I find it interesting that no girls feature in any of their video clips. And although they sing these songs entirely in Japanese, their band name and the names of their songs are in English.

I was expecting to also see a 5-minute trailer for the new Spiderman film but it doesn’t materialise so I leave before watching any more of the boys.

They were good. Very good in fact. But just like eating a tasty meal, I know when to stop before feeling too full.



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