A yakitori restaurant in roppongi serving delicious skewers of chicken or vegetables cooked over a charcoal BBQ.



16/20 food (taste) : unbelievable it’s so good

14/20 food (selection) : fairly wide range of options

15/20 staff : friendly and helpful, and they speak excellent English

14/20 atmosphere : pleasant music playing in the background with seating either at tables or on stools providing an excellent view of the cooking; it’s a shame people are allowed to smoke although few do; appears popular with the ex-pat community

13/20 price : ¥1900pp isn’t cheap but it seems reasonable considering how much we ate

72/100 total : a well deserved score

My favourites were the chicken wings, asparagus wrapped in bacon, and the small capsicums (peppers) filled with cheese and also wrapped in bacon.



please let me know your thoughts

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