Ginza | 2

Ginza is intense.

This is high-end retail like you’ve never seen it before. Think Pitt St Mall on steroids (for my friends & family back home in Sydney).

Clothing and fashion that looks too good to even try on. I wonder if window-shopping can break the bank?

Chanel. Coach. Gucci. Pucci. Zara. MaxMara.

Wide sidewalks facilitate the flow of pedestrian traffic. Although it’s busy it doesn’t feel crowded.

Giorgio Armani. Louis Vuitton. Paul Stuart. Salvatore Ferragamo. Laura Ashley.

Burberry. Abercrombie & Fitch. Banana Republic.

There are shops specialising in just wedding goods and jewellery.

Bulgari. Harry Winston. Mikimoto. De Beers. Swarovski.

Others simply in watches or gifts.

Piaget. Chaumet. Lladro.

Restaurants abound offering their set-price lunch menus displaying shashin (photographs) of what’s included.

But then many are too exclusive for the likes of most.


There are chocolatiers and sweet shops. But I’m not sure if they’re quite what we’re used to back home.





Petunias in an array of colours and mondo grass in bed together line the streets.

At least I feel at home in the Apple store. A typically handy location as they provide free Wi-Fi to weary travellers like myself.

Bare conifers, no doubt fully-utilised during Christmas time, are also prevelant.

As I continue pounding-the-pavement I can feel the rumble of the Tokyo metro beneath my feet.

Even in the side streets there’s a dizzying array of shops. Some boutique. Others cheap.

Bespoke tailors. Florists. Camera stores. Art galleries.

One little place specialises in hashi (chopsticks). Another in sensu (hand fans). A third in washi (paper).


And then out-of-the-blue there’s a neko (cat) curled up and fast asleep in the arms of a lion statue. Very kawaii (cute).


There’s so much to see and do. It definitely deserves a few more visits.

I wonder when the sales start?



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