Tōkyō | day 1

Tōkyō (東京) is a big city. And fairly spread out. Yet despite its population of over 36 million it rarely feels crowded. And it’s surprisingly simple to get around because of their great subway system.

It’s also pretty easy to walk or cycle as the metropolitan area is relatively flat and very bike friendly.

The itinerary below and in the next few posts was created for my tsuma (wife) and her tomodachi (friend) during their recent visit.

It assumes 5 days of sightseeing in several compact areas of the urban jungle thereby keeping the time on their feet and in the trains to a minimum.

That being said, we still walked quite a lot. So make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes.

This itinerary also assumes accommodation in Azabu-jūban which may not be the case for you. If so, simply adjust accordingly.

There are numerous shopping opportunities and countless restaurants. The first I’ll leave to you. The second I’ll make suggestions based on my experience.

day 1

The plan is to make it not too onerous as you’ve only just landed. Think of it as a mild taste of Tōkyō covering the four adjoining suburbs of Azabu-jūban, Hiro-o, Ebisu and Roppongi.

arrive @ Narita International Airport
train to Ueno (Keisei Line)
train to Tameike-sannō (Ginza Line)
train to Azabu-jūban (Namboku Line)

walk to Hiro-o
   see the National Store
   coffee @ Segafredo Zanetti Espresso
   see Hiro-o Plaza
   see a Pachinko gaming room
walk to Ebisu
   lunch @ Ippūdō
walk to Azabu-jūban

walk to Roppongi
   see the Mori Tower during the day
train to Ebisu (Hibiya Line)
walk to Yebisu Garden Place
   see Tōkyō from atop the Yebisu Garden Place Tower (no charge)
   drink @ Sapporo Beer Station
train to Roppongi (Hibiya Line)
   see the Mori Tower at night
   see a Don Quijote store
   dinner @ Sushizanmai
walk to Azabu-jūban



please let me know your thoughts

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