Tōkyō | day 2

day 2

This day starts with a relaxing morning walk around the Meiji-Jingu Shrine before the busloads of crowds descend upon it.

This is then contrasted with one of the hedonistic, upmarket shopping districts of Tōkyō, namely Omotesandō, together with it’s lesser cousins Harajuku and Jingumae.

Shops abound and you could spend days getting lost amongst all the little backstreets.

Yet the staff are so welcoming, even in the high-fashion district, that you’re never made to feel inferior just because you’re window-shopping.

The main-street is very long and actually stretches past the intersection way down the other side, far from the Meiji-Jingu Shrine. Make sure you get to see the landmark buildings of Tod’s and Prada as they’re quite an architectural sight.

But the window displays alone are worth the stroll along the beautiful, tree-lined boulevard.

Keep in mind that most retail shops do not open before 10am, many at 11am, and some as late as midday.

The flip-side is that they’re often open until very late: e.g. 7pm, 8pm, or even later.

train to Yoyogi (Oedo Line)
   see Meiji-Jingu Shrine
   see Takeshita-dori
   see Harajuku
   see Jingumae
   coffee @ Omotesando Koffee
   see Omotesandō
walk to Jingumae
   lunch @ Maisen
   see Omotesandō
walk to Roppongi
   see Aoyama Cemetry
   drink @ Mori Tower
walk to Azabu-jūban
   dinner @ home



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