Tōkyō | day 4

day 4

No trip to Tōkyō is complete without a visit to Ginza, the famous retail shopping district.

Although many of the “big names” are also at Omotesandō, the feeling is remarkably different. More high-rise buildings and wide, paved sidewalks. Far fewer trees.

However, nearby is the bustling Tsukiji Fish Market which opens well before the shops. In fact, if you’re really keen, you can see the daily Tuna Auction. But you’ll need to line-up around 4am to ensure a spot as they only allow two groups per day of 60 people each. And be aware the markets are closed on Wednesdays and public holidays.

A stone’s throw away are the old royal gardens of Hama-rikyū-teien, the prettiest I’ve seen in Japan so far. It costs ¥300 per person but it’s well worth it.

Just like Omotesandō (day 2), there’s a lot more to Ginza than the main strip alone. Either side are lots of interesting art galleries and a very old and unusual kissaten (coffee shop).

But if there’s only one shop you enter, make it Abercrombie & Fitch: it’ll blow you away!

As evening approaches the area under the rail line near Shimbashi is a sight to see. Yet it’s in stark contrast to the newly developed, ultra-modern (almost space-age) business precinct between Shimbashi and Shiodome.

train to Tsukiji Fish Market
   see Hama-rikyū-teien with tea ceremony
walk to Ginza
   see Mitsukoshi department store
   lunch @ Senso Sesto
   see Ito-ya
   see Sony Building
   see Abercrombie & Fitch
   coffee @ Cafe l’Ambre
walk to Shimbashi
walk to Shiodome
train to Azabu-jūban (Namboku Line)
   dinner @ Yakinikuen



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