Tōkyō | day 5

day 5

Prepare for a big-night-out by having a little sleep-in. You’ll need your energy!

The final day of this itinerary captures the mind-blowing, ear-deafening & eye-captivating neon-lit streets of both Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Each is busy without being too crowded; heart-thumping & bass-pumping; quite simply lots & lots of fun. These are the places to party all-night-long; assuming you have the stamina. Or just go along to people-watch: it’s a hoot.

Bars stay open late all over Tōkyō, many until 5am. However, the trains stop shortly after midnight, leaving partygoers with the choice to either “party-on” or find a hotel to “crash”. Both “love hotels” and “manga hotels” have been created to meet this need.

A pleasant way to approach Shibuya is to walk from Ebisu through Daikanyama.

The small boutique retail shops are quite different as Shibuya tends to cater to a younger generation and Shinjuku is a little more sophisticated.

But as I’ve said before, no shop ever feels exclusive or pretentious.

   see Azabu-jūban
   lunch @ Ristorante la Brianza

    afternoon tea at Le Pommier
walk to Hiro-o
walk or train to Ebisu (Hibiya Line)
walk to Daikanyama
walk to Shibuya
walk to Dōgenzaka
   see a few “love hotels”
   drink @ asia kitchen
   see Tokyu Hands
train to Shinjuku-sanchōme (Fukutoshin Line)
   dinner @ Tsunahachi
train to Azabu-jūban (Oedo Line)



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