Streamer Espresso Ōsaka | 1

Having arrived in Ōsaka only yesterday my first call-of-duty is to find good coffee. No, make that great coffee.

You see, Ōsaka has a reputation for amazing food and if their dedication to the culinary arts is anything to go by then it makes sense that it would extend to the making of espresso.

So after some Google searching I came across a user-based review website listing two cafés in Ōsaka.

Both scored well by the reviewers. And both are within reasonable walking distance from where I’m staying (less than 1 hour: I tend to do a lot of walking in Japan).

Streamer Espresso is marginally closer so it’s my first port-of-call.

Located at 1-25-12 Minamihorie Nishi-ku Osaka in MAXX Department Stores lends it a stylish atmosphere: men’s and women’s dressy casual clothing that looks hip yet understated at first glance.

This also gives the premises a more open feeling unlike many pokey cafés I’ve come across.


The music playing is modern yet anything but pop. More a blend of hard rock and jazz. Mellow yet edgy. All sung in English, of course!

A couple of couches, low leather stools and some rustic coffee tables provide a spot to rest my tush as I pen a glowing review.


The kōhī lives up to my expectations. An excellent balance of flavour that is not overwhelmed by the milk: a common problem with the chain kissaten such as Starbucks and the like.

They also sell a few accessories: beans packaged in army camouflage; carry bags & t-shirts; coffee-mug jars & a book on latte art.



But it’s the coffee that will have me coming back for more.

You know, I think I may have already found the “go to” place for my early morning brew here in Ōsaka.

Mon – Fri : 8am – 8pm
Sat, Sun & holidays : 11am – 8pm



5 thoughts on “Streamer Espresso Ōsaka | 1

  1. Thx. My apologies for the silence. I’ve been too busy too post & comment. But now that I’m back in Japan I’ll get back into it as I’ll have a bit more time 🙂 Kim*

  2. Back In Japan again Kim – you must really love Japan – must be the coffee!!! Coffee in Europe is terrible – always served warm – I thought Australia seemed to have the best coffee, but I must be wrong, sounds like Japan has the best. Enjoy your trip.

  3. No, I still think Australia has the best coffee. But a few – and I mean only a few – places in Japan are learning from us and now make excellent coffee too. It’s not uncommon for Japanese baristas to go to Australia to study. Thanks Wendy and hope to hear all about your trip to Europe when I return in April. Cheers Kim*

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