Cafe Contempo

On the advice of a friend I decided to try out another café. He said he liked it so much he got a job there.

It’s located in Orange Street, across the road from Ippudo where I ate yesterday, and literally a few blocks from Streamer Espresso.


Yet unlike Streamer Espresso, this place has lots of chairs & tables. Quite a few in fact. Which is unusual by Japanese standards unless you’re in one of the large chains like Starbucks, Doutor, Tully’s or the like.

They also have light food such as muffins & cookies (although sadly they’re pre-packaged and not freshly baked), apple pie as a winter special, and chocolates.

Importantly, the coffee is good. Yet I would insist that Streamer Espresso is definitely better.

However, if you need a place to sit and chat, study or simply read a book then Cafe Contempo offers a more practical solution given it’s set-up.

It even has a large, separate room for the smokers!

The music is relaxed: jazz, of course.

And the decor is, well, contemporary. Coffee art of one sort or another adorns the walls.

I like the place. Please don’t get me wrong. I just don’t love it.

Perhaps there’s something about the intimacy of smaller, less populated café’s?

A coziness that comes from rubbing shoulders with other patrons?

And personality: both that of the venue as well as the barista(s)?

My next taste-test will be Bar Ista for this very reason.

Stay tuned!



please let me know your thoughts

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