I decide to stray from my regular haunts and try some drip coffee instead of my standard espresso.

I’d read about a café called Link on a website and figured it deserved closer inspection.


It’s easy to miss, located in the backstreets near Dōtonbori at 1-13-19 NTビル1F Higashishinsaibashi, Ōsaka.

On entering the premises I’m immediately impressed by the modern yet warm surroundings.

Shades of brown (yes, not grey) dominate. Timber and suede.

There’s soft, comfortable seating for about 18 people at both tables and a long counter bench.

They appear to take their coffee seriously. In the style of Café de l’Ambre in Ginza. Though perhaps with not quite the same obsession.

Jars and jars of coffee beans sit neatly in alcoves on one wall.


A separate “roaster’s room” provides them with the facility to freshly roast beans and thus create their own “homemade” blends.


The menu provides a range of bitterness strengths (strong, medium, light and soft). About 16 to select from all up: Columbia (コロンビア), Peru (ペルー), Kenya (ケニア), Kilimanjaro (キリマンジャロ), just to name a few.

I choose to play-it-safe and order their “LINK blend” (ブレンド).

It’s perfect! Just the right balance of acidity and flavour.

And sweet enough that it needs no sugar. Always a good sign.

The music playing is quiet and gentle: easy listening yet soulful.

Desserts and light meals can also be purchased. Although perhaps another time, as I’ll definitely return to sample some of the other beans on offer.

Mind you, I still prefer espresso. But this place does make a very nice change.



please let me know your thoughts

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