Hiroshima | Peace



Memorial. Remembrance. Tragedy.

Anticipation. Apprehension. Trepidation.
Traffic. Tram lines. Criss-cross.

Sombre. Overcast. Showers.
Silent river. Weeping Willows. Puddles.

Nationalism. Patriotism. Spiritualism.
Military history. Air raids. Drills.

Rations. Austerity. Sacrifice.
Dark light bulbs. Coupons. Matches.

Sirens. Fearful. Fitful night.
Blue sky. Summer warmth. Cloudless day.

8.15am. August 6. 1945.

Time. Stops. Dead.
In a moment. Nothing. Oblivion.

Wind. Blast. Heat.
Light. Blinding. Flash.

Powerful. Ferocious. Destruction.
Incineration. Annihilation. Devastation.

Air. White. Cloud.
Fire. Red. Flame.

Earth. Grey. Ash.
Water. Black. Rain.

Rubble. Ruin. Wreckage.
Carnage. Shadows. Scarred.

Slaughter. Innocent. Victims.
Sorrow. Loss. Pain.

Anguish. Struggle. Grief.
Radiation. Sickness. Toll.

Comfort. Healing. Forgiveness.
Restoration. Rebuilding. Recovery.

Faith. Hope. Love.





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