Brooklyn Roasting Company Ōsaka

Conveniently located in Kitahama (北浜) is another great kissaten (喫茶店 : coffee shop) that I had the good fortune to stumble upon the other day.

The interior is stripped back. Cement walls, floor & ceiling give it a raw and exposed air of hip confidence.

The music is a little funky and obscure yet as inviting as the comfortable chairs and leather sofas that other patrons are reclining in as they read, write, meet and relax.

Bar stools are scattered around modern timber tables, one with a few stylish plants adorning it, probably courtesy of the adjoining florist: bois de gui (lit. mistletoe wood).


There’s seating for over 30 although the entire space (inside and out) could probably host a small cocktail party of 60+.

Along the walls are shelves and boxes containing zasshi (雑誌: magazines), a small coffee machine, a skateboard, and an espresso tamper. There are also products for sale including books, t-shirts, coffee beans (コーヒー豆) and similar related items.



Wi-fi is advertised on a small card attached to one wall but I’m unable to login.

Outside is a large 3m x 10m area with seating for about 20 people. It overlooks the canal called the Tosabori-gawa (土佐堀川) towards the Museum of Oriental Ceramics on the opposite shore.



The ivy clad walls are unassuming and rustic, softening the harshness of the grey, cement walls. The verdant green of the new shoots adds a gentle touch of friendliness.


I order a cappuccino, similar to an Australian flat-white when made by a coffee shop like this in Japan. Needless to say it’s excellent. I can easily compare it to the quality of Bar ISTA, another favourite in Ōsaka, sans the kawaii (かわいい : cute) latte art.

My late afternoon arrival sees a few customers drinking beer (ビール), specifically an Irish pale ale (my preferred style of beer) called McSorley’s

An interesting aside is that one of the baristas is from Senegal of all places: a tiny West African republic that was once colonised by the French.

The heat of the day is starting to dissipate and a light breeze is blowing. The balcony’s northerly aspect means it doesn’t cop the brunt of the afternoon sun which is a bonus.

As I extend my stay to include one of the aforementioned cold beverages I notice too they sell assorted pastries and Mast Brothers Chocolate. Mmmmm!

This place definitely deserves future visits.

Mon to Fri: 8am8pm
Sat, Sun & holidays: 10am7pm