Kyōto | Arashiyama

This time about a year ago I arrived in Arashiyama (嵐山) to be greeted by a gentle snow fall. In some ways it was romantic yet in others it was very annoying because I hadn’t dressed warmly enough.

Still, I was not going to let it deter me from the adventure.

A heavy mist engulfed the surrounding mountains.

The streets were very quiet and the houses pleasantly quaint.

It was still a month to go before spring and several weeks before the onslaught of the crowds that descend upon this area as the sakura (桜: cherry blossoms) reveal their glorious beauty.

I distinctly remember the trickle of water through the open stormwater drains was very soothing.

As I found myself lost in another world; in another time.

Aaaah. The serenity of it all!

I look forward to my return to Japan, and especially Kyōto, in one week from today.